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What are the different parts of thesis?
Writing thesis is an integral part of the life of a researcher, and it proves his or her credibility in the area of research. For writing a thesis, the researcher has to divide the whole of the thesis into different sections. Primarily, a thesis is divided into three sections; these three sections are prelims, the main body of the thesis and the end matter.
The prelims include everything that comes with the introduction of a thesis, which mainly are the Title page, Abstract, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Listing of Figures, and List of Abbreviations, if they have been used in your thesis. The main body of the thesis consists of five major chapters, which are an introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and conclusion. The introduction mainly comprises of the problem statement, the significance of the research, questions addressed in work, assumptions taken, drawback and benefits of the thesis work. After introducing the thesis topic, the researcher has to do the literature review, which is used to support the research gap that has been found by the researcher. Next, the researcher needs to provide the methodology that he or she will use to conduct the study, and then the researcher needs to give the details of the findings of his or her research area, which proves the reliability of the research topic. The last section of the main body of the thesis is conclusion where the researcher talks about the findings of his or her work, how the result can be implemented, and lastly, the use of the research for societal improvement.
The ending part of the thesis consists of citations or bibliography or references. One can also give appendices if required by the research work. All these sections are fundamental parts of thesis writing and Thesis Writing India assists researchers in preparing an appropriate thesis.
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