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While reviewing a Research Synopsis, a supervisor judges the utility and practicality of a research design and scrutinises it to look up for any shortcomings.
There is a high probability of your synopsis getting rejected if your supervisor finds any inconsistencies in it.
According to a recent survey conducted amongst doctoral candidates, more than 50% reported synopsis rejection.
As a result, a considerable amount of candidates are resorting to professional guidance to reframe the research process and develop a synopsis accordingly.
Thesis Synopsis Help in Mumbai
Our expert synopsis writing services in India aim at getting your thesis synopsis approved the very first time you submit it. While developing a thesis synopsis for PhD scholars, our team ensures that the following objectives are fulfilled-
  • There is a scope of research in the chosen area of the PhD candidate.
  • The central objectives of the Research Topic need to be explored as no substantial research in this area has been conducted before.
  • There is an effective solution proposed by the candidate.
  • The candidate is capable of conducting the research according to the academic framework.
Frequently Asked Questions by PhD Students
Q 1: What all do you include in the synopsis writing services?
A: We include the following topics with precise decription -
  • Topic
  • Introduction
  • Aims and objectives
  • Review of Literature
  • Proposed Methodology
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Limitations of the Study
Q 2: Will your services include thesis writing assistance too?
A : No, our services do not include thesis writing assistance. If you wish to avail these services, visit this page (URL of the page redirecting to thesis writing services).
Q 3: My synopsis has been rejected more than once. How can I be sure that my synopsis would get approved after availing your services?
A: Our dedicated team of experts has an experience of over ten years of successfully assisting a plethora of research scholars. Our team will provide a coherent synopsis for your research in a concise manner.
However, the approval of your synopsis entirely depends upon the efficiency of the research conducted by you.
And, if your synopsis has been rejected more than once and your supervisors keep on pinpointing certain inconsistencies in your research, we suggest you to eliminate the chances of future rejections by availing our further services:-
  • Research Methodology writing services
  • Questionnaire Development services
  • Data Collection services
  • Statistical Analysis services
If interested, contact us to avail the services of our PhD Thesis Synopsis Writers.