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Our proofreading experts will rectify all grammatical and punctuation errors to make sure that your thesis is comprehensible.

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Most PhD candidates report rejections in their thesis due to unstructured writing, typo and grammar errors.
Why do you need PhD thesis proofreading services in Mumbai?
  • When you have written the content yourself, the power of your sub-conscious makes you overlook the mistakes you have made while writing.
  • A well written, grammatically correct and accurately puntucated thesis stands a whopping 73% higher chance of approval.
  • PhD candidates can save hours of re-work and corrections and focus on research by hiring a professional proofreader for thesis.
Why should you choose us to avail PhD thesis proofreading help in India ?
Experience :: We have proofread more than 7500 PhD theses till date.
Expertise :: We have on-board 65+ PhD editors and proofreaders with a combined experience of 185+ years in academic editing and proofreading.
Pricing :: We follow fair and fixed pricing policy with prices starting from Rs 750 + taxes for proofreading every 1000 words of PhD thesis.
Timely Delivery :: We can proofread as much as 50000 (~ 200 Pages) PhD thesis in 5 workings days.
Confidentiality :: We guarantee 100% security and confidentialty of all documents submitted to us for proofreading.
Guarantee :: Our proofreading services in Mumbai is guaranteed for timely delivery and 100% accuracy of language after it is proofread. If any issues are found, we do the revisions at no extra cost.
Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.1 Can you edit some sample 2-3 pages before I confirm the order?
Ans: Yes, we will be happy to give you a sample 2 page (Max 500 words) edit. Only when you are convinced with the quality of proofreading, you may proceed with the order.
Q.2 Do you guarantee 100% approval of my thesis after proofreading?
Ans: No,we do not guarantee approval of thesis after we complete proofreading service. Approval of thesis is subject to various factors including topic, quality of work done etc.
Q.3 Will you check and remove plagiarism from thesis during proofreading?
Ans: Whle we do offer plagiarism check and removal as a service; the same is not covered by default in proofreading service.
Q.4 Do you have scientific or technical editors who can understand my work?
Ans: Yes, we do have editors from Science, Engineering, Biotech, Life Sciences, Pharma, English Literature, Law, Economics and Management.
Q.5 My thesis file is in Latex? Do you edit documents in Latex too?
Ans: Yes, we do edit documents in Latex as well. We shall be converting the document to MS Word, editing the same and providing you with MS word edited file only. You can make changes to MS word file and convert the file back to Latex.
Q.6 How will I get my document? Will the editor edit my thesis in hard copy format?
Ans: We will send you the tracked changes document in MS Word and a cleaned up copy of your thesis through email as attachments.
Q.7 Can I ask for invoice of the payment made?
Ans: Yes, you can request for invoice for the service and payment receipt.
Q.8 Can I inform my supervisor/University that I am opting for proofreading service from your company?
Ans: Yes, you can very well inform your supervisor and University about hiring our proofreading services. Many Universities in India and abroad in-fact recommend our services to doctoral candidates.
Q.9 Will the word count of my thesis get reduced after proofreading?
Ans: Yes, there is a chance of approx 3-5% reduction in word count after the thesis is proofread.
Q.10 Do you submit the work on bank holidays/Sundays?
Ans: No, we do not work on Bank Holidays/Sundays in India. If you due date of order falls on a holiday, you should expect the work the next working day.