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Develop a questionnaire for data collection!

Our consultants will facilitate your research by designing an effective questionnaire meeting your research objectives.

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Did your questionnaire give you ineffective results?
It is likely that you made these grave errors -
  • A questionnaire is developed either using a qualitative or a quantitative approach. You chose a wrong approach which gave you ineffective results.
  • You were unable to visualise relevant questions according to the Research Objectives.
  • You used incomprehensible terminologies and phrases in your questionnaire which confused the Target Respondents. For example: If your Target Respondents were academicians and you made use of corporate jargon, then it was definitely sounding all greek to them.
Being a Phd candidate, you knew what to do but you were unable to execute your plan.
Under such circumstances, it is essential that you take professional assistance.
Questionnaire Designing Help in Mumbai
Our team of experts works step by step to handle all the impediments faced by research candidates during questionnaire designing.

How do we work?
Getting an insight of the topic
Selecting an approach
Formulating Questions
Pilot testing
Our consultant gets in touch with the Research Candidate and asks a variety of questions regarding the area of research to determine the Research Objectives.
After a thorough study of the Research Topic by a Subject Matter Expert, our team decides whether to prepare a qualitative, quantitative or a mixed questionnaire.
Our team commences with formulating relevant questions keeping in mind the Research Objectives and the Target Respondents.
We also perform Pilot Testing after developing a questionnaire to check its efficiency with the help of Cronbach-Alpha and make amendments, if required.

If you are unable to prepare a questionnaire on your own and are interested in availing professional questionnaire designing services in India, then contact us.
And, if you have successfully collected your data, and are finding it hard to analyse it, then avail our statistical analysis services.