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It has been observed that PhD candidates, being solitary researchers, find themselves unequipped to perform the gruelling task of Data Collection.
As a result, research candidates choose to take professional aid for collecting data.
Thesis Data Collection Services in Mumbai
With a large number of expert statisticians onboard, our team provides assistance in:
  • Gathering Primary Data with the help of questionnaires, survey reports, experiments and interviews.
  • Acquiring information through Secondary Data wherein our team extracts relevant data from sources like censuses, financial statements of firms, journals, magazines etc.
Our team understands the value of accurately collected data as it holds the power to validate a Research Hypothesis. Therefore, we work to achieve effective results efficiently.
How Phd researchers work?
  • PhD scholars lack experience in developing Research Methodologies.The methodologies employed by them to collect data often fail to meet Research Objectives.
  • Working independently increases the probability of errors. Scholars tend to commit accidental errors while noting facts and figures.
  • PhD researchers are usually running short of time. They find it impossible to collect accurate data from a large sample size in a short period of time.
How are experts work?
  • Our team has over ten years of experience in providing data collection assistance to PhD scholars.Our experts design the Research Methodology keeping in mind the Research Objectives. With our assistance, scholars find it easy to decide between Qualitative & Quantitative approach or Primary & Secondary sources.
  • On the other hand, we work as a team and work hard to maintain accurate and authentic data. Our vigilant team double checks all facts and figures to ensure effective results.
  • We assign a dedicated team of experts to work on a single project. Even against tight deadlines, we deliver our work on time.
If you are interested in availing thesis data collection services in Mumbai, contact us. Our team also provides assistance in -
  • Questionnaire Development – We will design a questionnaire to facilitate your research.
  • Data Analysis – We will analyse your collected data by using the latest softwares like AMOS, STATA etc. and create an interpretation report with the help of the findings.