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One of the most important aspects of the life of a researcher is to write a thesis on a research topic, but before writing the thesis, it is very important for the researcher to put forth his research ideas in the form of a proposal. The proposal is a crucial part of the life of the researcher because through this thesis proposal he or she has to convince the superiors that the topic or area of research that he or she has chosen is viable for working. To provide PhD thesis proposal help in India, our PhD research proposal writers helps researchers in organising their research proposal.
To make a thesis proposal convincing, there are different sections in which a proposal is divided. These sections are as follows:
  • Stating the research problem with clarity
  • Framing the rationale behind the research problem means that the researcher has to prove the importance of the study, and also bring to focus new insights in the research work which may open up new avenues for further research
  • Developing a literature review in support of the research topic which will help in designing the gap that will be addressed in your research
  • Outlining the theoretical framework of your research topic in which it is necessary to put forth the assumptions, viewpoints etc. which will be dealt with in the thesis.
  • After putting forth the theoretical framework, the most vital part of thesis proposal is the methodology that will be used while pursuing the research work.
  • Lastly, the most significant part is to give a brief outline of how you will design your research paper.
In a nutshell, thesis proposal helps a researcher to be precise in his area of research and also enables him or her to finalise the methodology and framework of his or her research topic, thereby, giving him or her ample of opportunities to prove the viability of the topic of research. Our PhD research proposal writers in Mumbai help researchers in preparing an apposite thesis proposal. So, for getting the thesis proposal writing services in Mumbai, contact at