Why PhD students hate writing thesis

It is a known fact that thesis and dissertation writing is one of the difficult parts that every student face during his/her academic life. Most of the students hate to write thesis due to lack of writing skills, time and patience. Especially, during the PhD level the students really find it difficult to write their thesis. As PhD is one of the highest degrees, the students need to perform a lot of study related activities apart from doing research. They need to complete their assignments as well as write their thesis. In such a situation, the students get stressed out and find difficulty in writing their thesis. Once the process of writing starts, the actual problem starts. To write an effective thesis, the students should have all the relevant information and data. If the student is not provided with sufficient information, then he/she may stuck-up somewhere in the middle of their thesis. Hence, it is essential to gather all the information before starting thesis writing. Below are some of the reasons why the students hate to write thesis –

• The students find the task of thesis writing to be complicated and messy. They need a lot of planning and dedication.

• Another important difficulty the students face is the strict deadlines. As the PhD students are engaged in one or the other activity throughout the year, they will face lack of time at the end of the year. Thinking about the strict deadlines, they become nervous, as a result of which they hate PhD thesis.

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• Some students hate thesis and assignments; due to lack of writing skills.A majority of students don’t have an interest in writing. The students can complete the research part with much interest, but, fail to present their work on paper. They don’t find them capable enough to write thesis.

• Students also hate thesis because of the lack of communication skills. As a result of which they fail to convey their message properly to the readers. In short, they cannot present their thoughts in a perfect manner.

• Sometimes, the students face the problem of lack of support from their supervisors. Due to this, the students feel hesitant to write their thesis, as they don’t have proper knowledge of the subject.

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