When is Result in a Research Significant?

Research in any domain of academics is majorly carried out in order to address the issues being faced by the world of business and society at large, and in order to do so, researchers are bound to come up with significant solutions, which can have the possible answer to those issues being faced by the world. Now, a huge amount of subjectivity and debate lies with the concept of significance among the community of researchers, as the congruence in terms of defining the level of significance lacks to a great extent. A result, which is seemingly significant to one, may not be significant to other. However, there are some aspects of a result, which can make a result significant to the largest part of the community of researchers. It is important that research objective should be formed in such a way, that the results to be obtained from that study can be generalized to a great extent. In doing so, acceptability of the results can rise, and the study can be replicated for additional contexts.

  • If there is a theory, which is not tested empirically in any context, then providing empirical evidence for that theory in several contexts can prove out to be significant.
  • While going for empirical analysis, it should be kept in mind that consideration of more than one context can bring forth a comparable scenario in the study, and these cases are mostly welcomed by researchers. Therefore, in place of considering a single country or a single state as the context, group of countries or several states in a nation can be conjugated and the analysis can be carried out. In doing so, policy implications can also prove out to be significant.

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