The Significance of Methodology and Analysis Chapter

One of the most important sections in a thesis is the methodology and analysis section. Here you give a detailed description of the different procedures, techniques, and methods that are used for collecting the primary data. Further, the scope and reliability of the techniques used in data collection is also analysed here. It is based on this that you judge the accuracy of your conclusions.

Most of the analysis based on quantitative statistics in your project, each aspect of the experimental design needs to be verified with the statistical analysis which you are planning to utilize. Many students face serious problems while they apply a statistical procedure because the method used fails to meet the test requirements.

There are several fundamental principles used in experimental design like randomisation, blocking, replication, and so on. If you forget to include the most appropriate principle in the methodology used, it would give an undesired and insignificant outcome. Statistics can either be simple or complex. A proper understanding of the statistical applications at the fundamental level is required before attempting to use it in any methodology.

In short, the methodology and analysis segment needs proper planning and preparation.

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