Present a 100% Unique Thesis to Score Phenomenally

A number of colleges and universities are increasingly making use of anti-plagiarism software programmes. And if any plagiarized material is found, then the consequences could be as dire as dismissal from an academic programme. If you are intentionally plagiarizing, then this could be more than cause for concern. Here is how you can present a 100% unique thesis to score phenomenally.

Know what plagiarism is

Simply put, the use of another person’s words or ideas without crediting them in your works is what constitutes plagiarism. Right off the bat, this brings something important to one’s notice: you cannot think that changing a few words here from the borrowed words and get away with it. Unless and until the material is common knowledge, you cannot use it without citation.

Know what your professor will look for

Even before the advent of the internet, professors used to catch students plagiarizing. The internet has, however, made it much simpler. A simple fluctuation in the style of writing, harsh connections between passages, vocabulary that is not typical of you, the failure to address the topic that has been assigned, the unavailability of the sources of research in your college library, and the like are dead giveaways. If more than one of these giveaways is seen, then it might raise a red flag and cause your professor to delve deeper into your thesis.

Know how anti-plagiarism programs function

If your professor is using a web-based anti-plagiarism program, it would pay to know how these function. If you are plagiarizing intentionally, then you will not be able to outsmart these programmes.

If you are, however, not intentionally plagiarizing, then it would be better to understand how these programmes function so that you can avoid plagiarizing. Not only do anti-plagiarism programmes search for word strings, but they also search for cached sources. If the programmes are sophisticated, then they use algorithms to search for synonyms and sentence structures, allowing them to look for even paraphrased material.

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